Yuniba Founder

Our Brand Journey:

More than two decades ago, our founder Ms. Angelina embarked on her career as a skincare and haircare advisor, offering a diverse range of international products.

(Taken during our founder's - Ms. Angelina pioneer days in the year 2000, as a sales advisor in the skincare and haircare industry.)

The high-stress nature of working in business development took a toll on her well-being. She experienced skin conditions like acne and sensitivity, along with hair fall that eventually led to hair loss. The situation worsen by hormonal changes after her pregnancy.

This personal experience fuelled her determination to search for scientifically and clinically proven skin care and hair care products that effectively address different skin conditions and hair thinning, hair fall, and promote regrowth, resulting in healthier and more beautiful skin and hair!

Fuelled by her unwavering dedication, Angelina embarked on a journey to establish her own company, immersing herself in the realm of haircare and skincare. Along the way, she discovered highly effective products and renowned brands from across the globe, spanning Europe and Southeast Asia.

This transformative experience ignited a profound passion within her, as she closely worked with salons and gained invaluable insights into the diverse needs of customers' skin. As a result, Angelina discovered the exceptional YUNIBA products that fit to all skin and hair types.

That was when YUNIBA was founded, a range of scientifically and clinically formulated products from Korea, that deliver effective results instantly and heal and target different skin and hair conditions! 




No Parabens | No Mineral Oils | No Alcohol | No Silicon | No Added Fragrance. 100% Results Guaranteed. Proudly Made in Korea. 

Skincare That Fits All!

YUNIBA products shine in Singapore's fast-paced market as the preferred brand for achieving instant and remarkable results. With authentic and nourishing ingredients formulated in Korea, our products cater to all skin types, ages, and conditions


Apart from end-users, YUNIBA products are also currently being distributed exclusively to our salon partners, and their customers have expressed great love for our products due to their effective instant results.

Once customers start using YUNIBA products, they become repeat users due to the visible results they provide instantly!

YUNIBA’s mission is to support individuals in achieving their desired skin and hair goals!